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I saw Dr. Oz on Oprah and he was showing a Neti pot. It is a small vessel with a spout. You fill it up with very warm water, as warm as you can stand, and add a small amount of salt. You then lean over a sink horizontally, tilt your head and insert the spout into the nostril that is facing up. When you pour in the solution, the liquid will run out the other nostril. After pouring some in one nostril, blow your nose and repeat in the other nostril. When you do this, the solution will go up into your sinuses and flush out your nose. If you go on line and type in 'NETI POT' you will see several places that sell them. The pot comes with instructions. I use my Neti pot every evening and it has made a huge difference in my congestion. It may sound strange, but it works.

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This works - I know. I was a Canadian Navy diver and we learned to use seawater to clean out our nasal cavities and sinus' so that we could dive (assuming we were congested). Been doing it for 30+ years whenever I get a headcold with nasal congestion.


This may work provided the liquid can flow through the sinuses. I've tried this but haven't had any luck because I am so closed up the water can't get through.


this does not work well. i used it on severe nasal congestion and it only gave me like 5 minutes of relief( and not complete relief either... just enough as to where im not crying in frustration). im using it as a last resort when the pressure is too much to bear... like in the morning and at night.


It is good for prevention but if you are congested the water will not pass from one side to the other. It will end up in your throat or nowhere.


Neti Pot: Always use water that has been boiled for a minute or two, or distilled water to assure there are no microbes/microscopic who-knows-what in the water. Just to be safe. :D


Neti now makes a bottle that you can just be upright and when you squeeze (gently) it sends the flow of water from one nostril up through the passages and out the other.

I tried the Neti pot but I was just too stuffed up, ended up with a head full of water. The bottle works great!


We use saline (medical) or saline through a misted nebulizer, which works well. My daughter has a chronic lung condition (BPD) & required many breathing treatments. We learned that regular saline and Chest Percussion Therapy gets rid of most congestion & is the best preventative. She's been on bronchial dialators (such as Xopenex, Albuterol), works to open up the airway. Pulmicort (inhaled steroid). Atrovent for congestion in lower lungs works well during colds (but will not stop an asthmatic from wheezing). For sinus congestion, we just squeeze the saline directly into her nose & it helps unclog a bit. If you don't keep the mucus moving, it will continue to collect germs & lay inside the body, rather than being expelled. Saline provides a safe way to irrigate.


I use one pint warm water, one tsp. salt, one tsp. baking soda. also had nasal surgery to open passages, it was a miracle for me.


this did not work at ALL.Not to mention my head filled up with water and it leaked fluid into my ears which only made me feel worse after.I did try the bottle and it worked much better.


If you do do this, make sure to follow maintenance procedures, because a friend of mine got seriously I'll from inhaling an amoeba on accident. This has been repeated multiple times and has even resulted in death, so please follow safety procedures

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