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hi everyone, my pain started 2 days ago and it was the front lower teeth. Being a doctor myself with a dentist for a mother I knew this was from the pressure the rear teeth were putting on the front ones, so I tried warm tea and tylenol, it workes at first but then in got worse, I used some NSAID drugs, only 3 4 hours of relief, and tonight it was horribly throbbing, told my husband(also a doctor) that it was getting worse, he suggested vodka but I didn't think it would work, so he went to sleep and now it's 3am, and the pein was excrutiating, so I googled home remedies for toothache on my cellphone and read most of the posts here, at last I came up with my own thing and it seems to be working! Here goes: first 2 tylenols and 2 ibuprofens, then swallowed a shot of vodka, the second shot I sipped a little and kept it where it hurt most, burns but numbs the pain, after that I used some pure vanilla powder and repeated the last 2 steps a few times, and the pain is actually much less now, and I'm feeling drowsy! Yay! I'll have one more sip of vodka and one more dose of vanilla and hopefully I can fall asleep.... Thanks everyone for the great advice! And hope it works for u 2!

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Tatiana Rhynes

Sounds like suicide, overdosing yourself with tylenol and ibuprofen, then adding vodka on top of that. now your wasted. sounds like you'll be dealing with more than a toothache. okay Doc. i hope i never sit in your office, if so please don't see me.

Tatiana Rhynes

con't vanilla powder sounds like yayo to me.


people uhmm hello these r just ways to get ride of the pain y read n wirte dumb ass comments weirdooooo...

mike hawk

youre a doctor, cant spell pain, and suggest taking way more than a recommended dose of pain relief meds, then washing it down with a few shots of vodka? great advice dock... also we dont need to know your life story, or how your phone can google things...


Stop being terrible- she never said she was a doctor! Others are allowed to advise on their stories- be respectful of contributors even if you disagree!


My mistake- she did say she was a doctor, but this is no reason to put another person down!


By the way, MIKE HAWK, but it's spelled DOC (you 'dock' your boat). You're not exactly one to criticize spelling...


This person did say they were a doctor idiot.

'Being a doctor myself with a dentist for a mother'

Do not follow what this person said. Drinking alcohol with Acetaminophen is very toxic for your liver. Never under any circumstance do this. This person is not a doctor, you can tell by the her grammar and spelling. If she was a doctor she would know to never to mix those substances.

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