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No more wisecracks

Old remedies that work!!!!!
( had it as a kid 2x years apart
Medication from dr gave me side affects.
So elder in our family suggested items below,
And it knocked them out! It's worked for my kids too!)

-absolute Best and easiest= is to ingest garlic or garlic capsules (and added bonus, it is Great for the heart and high bp and yes, there are odorless ones!) & For the very adventurous, can uses ground fresh garlic with a buffer/ petroleum to make a poultice
-cleanse with witch hazel and small drop of tea tree oil on cotton ball ( soothes and antibacterial)
-Strong probiotic on an empty stomach ( kill fungus)
-black walnut tincure drops ( kills parasite)
- aloe soothes and heals the irritated area post thorough cleaning with unscented soaps And witchhazel and 2 drop of teatree oil
*** quercitin w/bromelin and 1000mg of vitamin C on empty stomach, works Amazingly well at stopping ANY type of inflammation/allergic reaction ( natural antihistamine)
yes even those dreaded seasonal allergies are severely relieved by this powercombo

Beware bc using antibiotic for treatments, often mAke matters worses bc kills good bacteria too- so always take a good probiotic to rebuild immune system and replace the good fighter bacteria

Happy Hunting! Relieve thy self and Conquer!

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NO NO NO This is how its done. take a shower,clean your problem area. them put some alchol on some toilet paper. put it up there as long as you can,up to a minute.Then after you use #2 again ,you clean as good as you can and use the alcohol again. You will feel relief after the first use. Unbelievable Relief. after about 2 to 3 days . Its gone.. You Will feel free again there.Now it dose burn.That means its cleaning. Alcohol KILLS everything.. BUT IF YOU GOT HEMRIODS DONT DO THIS. Get on e-bay and look for a product named Hemrelief.It costs 40$ a jar of around 100 pills,,I think, That stuff works too...Real good....OK World go clean up with alchol.. YOU REALY WONT BE SORRY...... NO MORE PAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

David Stanley

All this described is unnecessary and alcohol will dry out the skin and make it worse. It's so simple: just wash with water, no soap, and dry off with a towel gently. Problem solved.

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