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Alright so i read a bunch of remedies (after days of pain & suffering) and i think i have found the perfect solution (at least for me): Rinse your mouth with warm salt water, then get a q tip and dab it it some strong alcohol (best to use rubbing alcohol, horrible taste but worth it) and rub it on the sore spot, then get another qtip and dab it in vanilla extract. Dunno why, but it works soooo well. hope i helped!

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Sushma Lachhwani

Hi every one i want to suggest a good home remedy crush one pod of garlic and put on your tooth ache area. Keep it for at least 2 minutes, and continue repeating it. Don't swallow or rinse, just throw out.


PLEASE DO NOT PUT RUBBING ALCOHOL IN YOUR MOUTH!! It is NOT EDIBLE! it's a man made alcohol and probably should not be used on your skin either but that is another subject...

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