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I periodically get athletes foot and usually have no problem getting it taken care of with creams. But once, when I was 14, I lost the tube I had. I didn't tell my parents and ignored it. 2 weeks later my athlete's foot was exponentially worse and I needed immediate relief. I went searching and found a tube of Cortizone 10. At the time I didn't know what it was nor what it was used for. I tried it anyway. Immediately the iching went away and the athlete's foot healed faster than any cream I had used before. Don't know why this was and haven't used it since. But it did wonders at the time.

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A very bad idea if you are prone to or have an open sore. While cortisone does help the itch, it is in fact a steroid. Steroids are known and proven to weaken the immune system. You put steroid over an open wound come in contact with any bacteria i.e.; staph infection and you are in for trouble.


You should never use cortisone on a fungal infection! It needs moisture to survive and that's just what the cortisone does. Use a product called fungi-cure, it worked for me!

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