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This really works!

Our dog name is Sheba and she had mange around the age of 6months old. We took her to the vet specialist and it became too expensive after a few months. Because after the medication ran out, a month later she would get it again. Finaly the vet told us we could get the same medication that he gets for way cheaper at the Cattle Feed & Supply.
The medication is called (Ivomec 50ml)it used on swines for parasites. It cost around $35.00. We gave her the medication daily for the first 1year. The second year we used it every 2 to 3 days a week for 1 year. After that we have not had anymore problems. Just know, that the mange will not go away quickly it may take a year or more for the parasites to completely die. It's now been 11 years and Sheba is alive and mange free! You can order from & from cattle feed suppliers.

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Ivomectin is a very effective poison but it is also a very dangerous poison. It perturbs me a bit that so many people are recommending it openly and not giving more info on the product. Overdose of this POISON can result in complete kidney failure, liver failure, and death! Given over long periods of time can cause serious damage to major organs and also takes years off the life of the animal. Does it help? Sure its a very potent poison! However, it is dangerous and over long periods of time if the animal still has a recurring case of mange chances are the mange is demodex and needs to be addressed as such with a more proper long term care regimen.


That testimony is pathetic. Your dog is not healed after years of treatment? How can you recommend something that clearly hasn't work for your dog. It's totally costly, risky and frustrating what you are doing to your dog. Obviously that treatment isn't effective for her. It doesn't take that long for mange to go away unless you are doing something else to keep her infected. You might be healing her with the drug but getting her sick with her diet probably at the same time. Do not feed her anything with condiments and or chemicals on it, like 'Begging Strips' or anything with artificial BBQ, beef or chicken flavor. Don't feed her human food either. It will cause her mange to flare up again. Stop using drugs and treat her with something natural like: Dermisil for Pet Mange. It smells bad but cured my dog in 2003 after a couple of treatments. Google it up. Buy it online and apply it yo your dog once weekly.

Read the reviews. I don't work for the company.

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