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I would like to reiterate that Clove Oil (AKA Eucerin) works wonders for dry socket.

After two days of extreme pain, and the narcotics doing nothing, I finally researched my symptoms and decided to try clove oil.

It works well. I used 85% clove oil and it did a great job. I'm not sure how much better 100% is.

I called my oral surgeon and he said that he would treat dry socket in a very similar manner.

1) Use Eucerin
2) Apply it to gauze (I used cotton pellets)
3) Leave it in for a few minutes and then remove (my directions say keep it in for one minute)

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eygenol is the name not eucerin - a moisterizer


i did your remedy of the clove oil today. and for the first time in four days i can deal with the only slight discomfort...i have been taking advil like candy, and the clove oil had helped more than anything so far...i have been leaving the gauze in the hole though...does anyone know if that is ok?...or should the hole be opened, without anything in it? it feels more protected with the gauze in, but not sure if it needs to air out to heal up or not>...any comments or suggestions would be helpful! ;-)


I too had a wisdom tooth extracted. Let me tell you, pain nnnn for three days straight just two days after the extraction. All symptoms pointed to dry socket.

After reading this post and many like this, clove oil relieved the pain by 90%!

megan cda

You can leave the gauze in. If you were to go to the dentist the assistant would pack your socket with idoriform gauze dipped in a Eugenol paste. You should change your dressing at least every twenty four hours though. Hope this helps, I'm a dental assistant :)


Best relief yet, just bought red cross toothache kit with gauze pellets and clove oil. Took pain away in about 3 mins. Not sure if I have dry socket but had a molar extracted 5 dAys ago and the pAin had been unbearable but this home remedy is awesome. I'm so glad I googles this!!!!!

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