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L Arquette

Lice treatment.....this is what I have done with my daughter and our first experince with head lice....which has been a night mare....short lived nightmare, but a nightmare none the less.

I tried the nix shampoo which I now believe is a joke. 2 days after treating her with THAT shampoo and obsessively combing out the nits with the Licemeister (highly preferred), I saturated her hair with real Mayo and 15 drops of tea tree oil. I then wrapped her head with Saran wrap and put a shower cap over it. She sat like that for 3 hours. After this I shampooed her hair with regular shampoo, but added coconut extract to it and scrubbed her hair, washed it out and combed out more nits than I anticipated. Combing in multiple directions on the head also helps with removing nits and getting the ones that may slip through otherwise. After all of this....I put about 15 drops of tea tree oil in my hands and raked it through her hair and kept it on. Be care when using tea tree oil and do not use a lot.....take the age and size of your child into consideration (I used 15 drops for my child, but that may be too much for yours...I would not do more than 15). It can be skin irritating and actually cause chemical burns and is also liver toxic when used in an inappropriate way or amount.

Now this morning (10/24/10...Mayo treatment done yesterday), we got up and I combed her hair with the nit comb and found three dead ones....that is it!!!!! I don't want to do the happy dance quite yet, and I will continuely check her hair for the next couple weeks....but so far I am inpressed with the results. Hope this works for you....GOOD LUCK and stay deligent with these little critters....that is the key. Also keep washing those linens even if you think you are out of the woods. Better safe than sorry...RIGHT?

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ok i need HELP BADLY. I just found lice in my hair i am 27 and have two young children i have had experience with lice as a child myself but never had a problem with it as an adult i have no 1 to help me which frustrates me so much and i have no money for the treatment. if any1 has any helpful info please email me @


Tiff i have been battling this since the 2nd week of school i think I have tried the Cetaphil treatment which if done correctly will work but it can be tedious, i have used the Rid, and Quit Nix i have not yet been successful I am now trying the Listerine process hopefully this will do it so ifyou have cetaphil or listerine around the house just google the rememdy for lice

Sue Ann Thomas

Mayo does work! Used it after weeks of daily washing and combing and using Rit and all store products. Daughters head was so full of lice you could see the generations...large lice walking around her head to nits. Called 24 hot line and at end of call nurse told me about trying mayo. Covered head and wrapped in plastic wrap and shower cap for a good night sleep. Eggs slid off and live ones suffocate!


Does anyone know?
How long do you have to keep washing the bedding after the treatment?

Pam - Illinois

Mayo works the best, and those over the counter meds are a complete waste of money. The last time my duaghter had lice, we did the mayo treatment on Sat, then Wed, then Sat again... JUST to be on the safe side. Buh Bye you little creepy crawlies!!!!

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