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Take a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of olive oil mixed together every morning. If you are not used to olive oil just pop a mint in your mouth straight after, but you get used to this very quickly.

I have been able to stop taking laxatives using this remedy. It helps to oil the bowel.

If the problem is severe do it morning and night.

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DOES THIS REALLY WORK??? My father is 76 yrs old..he is recovering from a stroke on February 12,2005 and one of the side affects from the stroke is constipation really bad, I dont want him to become dependent on laxatives or enimas like he pretty much im trying to find a good home remody to help him..i also think that some of the meds he's on could be causing it to be so bad too.please email
Thanks a bunch....

Take care & God Bless


I have the same question, though I have not had a stroke. However, I am dependent on enemas and suppositories and laxatives.


I used Olive Oil every morning with a glass of Orange Juice - this worked really well for me. After about 6 months of this I was able to eliminate the OJ and I have no problems using the rest a room. My Doctor told me to use the Olive Oil for 6 month to a year; and to make sure I had a bowel movement everyday; this trains your brain, now I don’t need the Olive Oil I have trained my body with OJ. If you are unable to train your body Olive Oil is completely safe. Good luck!


This really works!! I don't even believe it myself!! I suffered constipation and piles for almost ten years and just yesterday i found this remedy,i tried it immediately and was able to go to the toilet in the evening again today and i tell you i don't dread going to the toilet anymore and i'm just very thankful to the person who posted this remedy! Thanks very much again and God bless u!!


I have three very nasty disease and I just found this and also just drank the olive oil and I am hoping it tired of this nothing over the counter helps me quickly and when I have these frequent flare ups its pain-ful so thanks for the remedy & I am hoping it works..I take allot of med's..hate them but its my life, and I am taking a more natural approach & reading about many natural foods and herbs....let ya know..Sher.


I just began taking 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice this morning after reading a book on natural remedies. It is directed to be taken every morning before breakfast. I had not finished my breakfast when I felt an urge to go to the restroom and it was a breeze. I have suffered from low back pain constipation for years and I just recently discovered it. I have tried fiber increase and nothing has seemed to work. I always get reoccuring episodes of flare ups. I am confident that taking this remedy every morning will make this nightmare dissapear. I will repost in sometime to advise you guys of the remedies efficiency.


My alernative doc who is also a regulard MD told me to drink a shotglass size of Olive old (look for cold pressed!) with juice of a slice of lemon squeezed into it and some Cayenne pepper to balance my digestive system and also clean my liver. I was doing it for a few days and now that I stopped I realize I have been very bloated again and constipated! Will start again tomorrow morning.

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