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I was in severe pain from a broken tooth, that originally had a silver filling in it, it had fallen out about 3weeks ago. I wasn't in any pain until about 2days ago, the only problem was food was getting stuck in the hole of the tooth. The tooth pain woke me up the other night, and i tried some many things: vanilla extract, tea bags, jim beam, oragel. And nothing was taking the pain away, so i finally went to the drug store and got some clove oil, which the pharmacist said wouldn't help as much as the oragel. But from previous experience with dry sockets, I knew the dentist used some sort of cloves to pack the hole. Well the first time i applied the clove oil this morning i was still in pain, it didnt help. So I waited awhile then applied it again, and this time I washed my mouth out first with warm salted water, the applied the clove oil, and a good amount of it. Trust me it is a very nasty tasting liquid, and it has the taste in my mouth awful....but NO TOOTH ACHE PAIN!!!!! So I would suggest the clove oil....

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yes indeed its what i have found to work the best as i type im sitting with clove sticks holding them in my mouth it works wonders and the oil from the clove is so great for infections and other things in your body so its safe and healthy to help fight if any infections in a natural way today i used orajel and baby orajel and neither helped me my molar is aching so badly all the way in the back broken tooth at the top and a throbbing one at the bottom same side. its a god awful pain. if i wasnt for cloves i would never make it right now the pain in my neck and joints on my right side of my face and arm are going away its the clove sitting in my mouth. thank god for cloves

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