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Madison reagan 11

Ok my name is maddy soo to get rid of acne what u need is toothpaste, oats, and WATER!! Get a bowl pour water into it and toothpaste and stir till u cant see chunks of toothpaste put it in the microwave for 45 seconds then pour oats and then well put it on ur face and open a dish wash and have that open ur pores will the mask hardens then when the masks hardens peal it off then u do that everyday till ur acne is gone.Usually do the mask at night before u go to sleep then the next night acne is gone

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Your remidie maddy WORKERD THANKS A BUNCH


Maddy, I have had acne since I was 8!!!!!
My Mom and Dad could never afford those EXPANSIVE Acne treatments. So I went to this site, and i used yours. I would realy like to thnak you. My acne is better, and people at school no longer make fun of my skin!


I'm gonna try this. It sounds plausible.! I just tend to get bad breakouts near time for my period other wise i just get a pimple or two more in winter due to dry air and my skin being naturally oily.


i dont really get it. peal it off? not wash it with luke warm water? And what do you mean by dish wash? like steam our face until our pores are opened?
can someone explain what they did that made their skin better please? :)


loooooove it!


What can u use instead of toothpaste, i heard it discolors ur skin :S

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