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I have genetal warts. After reading this entire forum and a little bit of trial and error post heavy research i will let you know what i have done and the current status.

A little back ground information first. I am a 25 year old Male, college graduate, current on a respected career path. Serious relationship with very respectable women and strayed twice in the past during a year single period splitting up two different 4 year long relationships. Unprotected sex with these individuals was mostly likely where i contracted HPV, but i can not be to sure. It could have been my recent 4 year relationship because my first sign of GWs was nearly 2 years into this relationship. She could carry with no signs or have pushed the virus into a dormant state. I am her 3rd sexual partner. Also after the 1st year she got the Gardisil immunization to HPV. WHO KNOWS WHERE IT CAME FROM. I had genital warts unknowingly for two years. You ask yourself how the hell did you not know. Well for one i was not thinking STD being 2 years in a relationship and second it was 3 GWs all on lower end of penile shaft where i regularly shave and i have very sensitive skin and frequent irritation and ingrown hair as a result of shaving. So i did small amounts of research and decided it was just irritated hair follicles or a infected sebaceous gland. Wish i would have determined it was HPV then because it would've have been easier to handle this earlier. Any way, after 2 years and two more GWs popped up in more conspicuous locations closer to penis head i started to come out of denial. Also i became single and the first GW was very visible and did not want to have this 'growth' in plain site of a new partner. So i started the research, self diagnosed GWs, and booked a appointment with a dermatologist the next day which confirmed my diagnosis. WORST WEEK OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Dermatologist applied a topical liquid which burned and immediately followed with cryo treatment. My beautiful penis was extremely damaged from application. The cryo does not focus just the GW and all area around is damaged and scabs up. Increasing my depression during this week. I literally cried a little. There was a follow up appointment a month later that i canceled. The cryo did nothing to any GW except first large one, which it just removed the lifted portion of GW but not the roots and it started to re grow later.

I then decided to self treat my warts and tried a series of AVC and Compound W wart remover. Doing this and not understanding the need for constant sterilization of the areas proved to be a mistake. My GWs actually spread. But here is what i learned, new small GW are easily treated with AVC. Direct application will hallow out these guys in days and no signs of return after over a month. The other original warts are larger and deeper and more resilient to a topical application of AVC or compound W gel. So more research was done to determine how to handle these.

The main goal of mine was to immidiatly destroy all contents of the GW. Because during the healing process if the scab is broken, which is easily done in this area just from moving and sitting, then it can spread easily. So this is where i thought about using the Dr. Schools or Compound W freeze kits, which are easily and cheaply substituted by a bottle of duster cleaner for computers and hollow q tips. SAME EXACT THING. So i was going to freeze the warts well to dry up internal liquids and snip off the wart. Raising them high with tweezers you can see a distinct cut off location. Then possibly alternating neosporin and TTO to help with healing and killing any left of infected area. Of course i had intentions of constantly keeping clean and dry with peroxide and alcohol. I decided against this because i was unsure about the cutting due to some being close in proximity to each other and larger than i was comfortable cutting.

So then i read about people burning GWs with either matches or heating up needles. This seemed to be quick, with fast healing, and kills all contents of the GW and surrounding area. GWs have no nerves so when its done the pain is from surrounding area of skin, which you want to feel because this will minimize the area for the virus to spread to. And you know you have gotten the entire GW itself. So i had a few drinks (liquid courage) and then got to work. I started with cleaning and sterilizing the area, had rubber gloves and peroxide ready. I used stick matches first because they have a larger area they can cover. I lit it and let them burn for a few second, blew out, then immediately applied to GW. There was a sizzle and pain that prevented me from keeping the match constantly on location. After the first match the location was dead and i applied two more matched in exact location with no pain at all. This is to make sure i get down to the root. I did this to all 5 GWs and then cleaned with peroxide. No bleeding and no post first match pain. I then held a needle to fire till it was red and applied it to each former GW and touching the tip to many spots of GW. Because you can kill half of a GW and the rest will be fine. I wanted all roots to be killed. I now clean the area frequently and keep under bandage applying Vitamin E oil conservatively so the burns are capable of getting dry. I did use neosporin the first day just to prevent infection, but after the area is healed and scabs form there is no benefit neosporin can provide to burns. Vitamin E is the necessary additive to prevent scaring.

For very small baby GWs that i noticed i just applied the needle to area which seems to be very effective and almost healed by the 2nd day. Would highly recommend this technique for these situations. Also i had one new GW on upper scrotum that protruded dramatically compared to other new ones. The scrotum does not heal as quickly as the penis, i assume because its such thin skin. For this one i made sure the scrotum was very tight, like when you are cold, and tied a piece of dental floss around the base of the GW, making sure to have entire GW above the knot. I double tied it tight and then applied a match to constricted GW to prevent any spreading of contents. It is now black and dental floss remains.

I am on day two of healing. Some areas are not scabbing and dead skin is starting to dry up. I will let them fall off on their own in time. Two i assume i applied more heat and time and they are dark and scabbed. No pain what so ever. Vitamin E will be a constant part of my life for how ever long it takes because i do not want scarring on my penis, especially the 1 that was on the top mid penis. (also the strangest one, seemed very fleshy, and less warty) I will follow up in a week and let everyone know how my process worked. If this one time treatment works on these mature GWs i will absolutely recommend it to all, because these are the types that are very tough to deal with using the typical AVC and cryo methods. Needing many treatments and putting your penis out of commission for weeks and months at a time. Which is psychologically horrible to deal with.

Sorry for such a wordy post, but during my process of dealing with HPV i found that explanations such as this helped me cope with living with the virus. I hope i can help others. If you have any questions or would like to chat respond to this post, i will check periodically and also update progress weekly.

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I set up an email if you would like to contact me. I am not saying this is the only way to go, but extreme times call for extreme measures and these things are horrible. I had enough waiting around to see what happened after wrapping my genetals in AVC for weeks at a time and dealing with the pain caused by it. Or the 3 week healing of cryo treatment that did not destroy one of the locations. My way for me was better and i am back to normal and do not let the fact i have HPV consume my every thought, which when your penis is all scabbed up from AVC or cryo, you know thats exactly what it does.


what does AVC stand for?


I am a 25 female suffering from HPV since I was 20. I just came across this site after years of TCA treatment and Aldair (which never worked) my biggest concern is that I have one in the Anus area that is a size of a jelly bean that annoys me. I have tried the Compound W and ACV, but it has just gotten smaller. Please any advice would be helpful.

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