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I had BV for 6 months and alos a yeast infection off and on, I used the gel crap the doc prescribed and it didn't work.....then I looked online and noticed what other women were doing to treat BV and I went out and bought acidophilus 1 billion, folic acid 800mcg, and vitamin c 1000mg, and apple cider vinegar. I started taking the vitamins a few times a day and I washed the outside of my vagina with a splash of apple cider vinegar and warm water when I showered. It cleared up within a day or so. Also to prevent it from coming back, every time my boyfriend and I have sex I shower right away and wash the outside really good with apple cider vinegar! It really is a good method. I also got a UTI twice in one month and ever since I've been washing the outside of my vagina with ACV I havent gotten one. TRY IT !

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