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J. Thomas

Mix dry mustard with a bit of water, just into a paste. Apply paste to affected area and cover. Abscess/boil will come to a head with in a day or two. Can use store bought prepared mustard, but dry mustard seems to work better and faster.

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Ive been trying it for a couple days it has shrunk alot but no head yet but i also dont cover it and leave it on for a couple days, i usually leave on as long as i can tolerate the stingon then clean it off til the next day then repeat.


thats a good idea to try i am almost on my fourth abscess i cought this one in time but how would this work for abscesses inside the mouth/throat?


thnax im so trying this , i have one the size of a toony with little ones starting , i was trying an old remedie which was whole wheat bread mixed with milk to form a paste and microwave it hot as much as you can stand and used this but i havnt noticed any change. i know it hurts badd, so i will certainly try this dry mustard , so far so good its like i can feel the burn.thanx.

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