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okay so i have a severe toothache ( jus a cavity ) but still ok i found this works 4 any oral pain follow these steps exactly
1. Rinse 3 times with perocide
2. rinse with vanilla lemon or peperment extract .. burns a lil but is worth it trust me.
3. then gargle salt an peper water 2-3 times... pain wont stay relived yet
$ then Lavender and sage plant.. cut them and put them into a cup with water an heat 4 75 seconds ( minute 15 seconds) and gargle this will lwssen pain the rinse with mouthwash or any liquor then perocide again an take 3 ibprofine and u shuld be good to go (repeat these steps every day 2 times a day

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why would anyone trust your home remedie ,you cant even spell!!!! duhhhhh

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