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hi every one, i am a girl that discovered i had GW roughly 2 months ago an as all of you i was frantic and panicking and wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. unfortunately i had no idea what they were and i told my mom, who took me to the doctor. he diagnosed it as GW. then they told my dad who had 'the talk' with me. any ways i tried almost everything there was including ACV. that pain was THE worst experience ever. if u have a strong soul, i recommend it. but its not for me even if it does work. I Used A Simple Pain Free Method. my ingredients cost me a fortune but thats cause im from a third world country, it should be cheaper for you. so here goes. YOU WILL NEED: tea tree oil, almond oil(or any anti-viral oil), winter green oil,castor oil, dr. scholl's salicylic acid wart remover and nail polish.

STEP ONE: mix 1 tsp winter green oil, 2 tbsp castor oil and 1/2 tsp tea tree oil together. make sure and cover all warts with this mixture three times a day for 3 days. all warts would turn white. then:

STEP TWO: using almond oil, cover all warts, you would feel a slight sting but it would wear off after a minute. keep doing this for the next 3 days. (the amount of times dont matter)

STEP THREE: use tea tree oil alone, cover all warts , you would feel a mild cooling sensation. this soothes the skin. i used this for a day but you can do it for more days if u want.

STEP FOUR: cover the white warts with the dr. scholls wart remover. it should not really hurt, but if it does dont worry, its just the body realising something is wrong at that area of your body. you dont have to worry about it touching the healthy skin cause it would not damage it. let the liquid dry. the warts would start feeling stiff and hard. i did this for one day. (if your warts dont feel like this continue until it does)

STEP FIVE: cover the warts that should still be covered with dr, scholl's with nail polish. the color dont matter, just paint them all. and let air dry, or blow dry. (i blow dried it) leave on for as long as you dont get them wet.

STEP SIX: bathe with warm-hot water and soak the warts. then gently rub so that the polish would start peeling off. just hold the peeled edges and rip of, it did not hurt for me. the warts were already dead.

i hope this works for you, its fast and easy. <3 <3 <3 MUCH LOVE <3 <3 <3 Don't Forget To Pray!!!!

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I was wondering where i can get all these oils from?


i bought them at the pharmacy


I have a wart ob my clitoris is it safe to use this nail polish I may try this method because mine are getting bigger


Hah amen to the praying. :) hey, did your wartz grow back? Email me at:

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