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Shea T

So.....i've had a very bad tooth ache was bad enough that i was nearly trying to break book shelves in a Barnes & Noble. It eventually led to me having an abscess that swelled the whole left side of my face. (i couldn't open my mouth much at all) However, it did not upset me as much as this one. Never before this experience, have i ever intentionally caused myself pain in hopes that it would distract my nerves from tooth and be redirected elsewhere. (seriously i'd rather have a broken leg than this)

See, that first mentioned tooth up there, had to get pulled, it was a bottom molar and as i never got to get anything in place of the gap i had to learn to chew at an awkward angle on the molar behind it. -_- a year later and 1/4 of the crown breaks off and it becomes a cavity.....Here and there it caused me slight pain that a quick handed tylenol or advil could fix no problem. But last nite, at around 4 am, without any provocation it struck. Next thing i know, for every 10 minutes that i was able to drift off into sleep i spent 2hrs crying my...(well, you know) off.

In the past 24hr i have taken 2 Extra Strength Tylenol, 3 800MG Ibuprofen, & 4 packs of Goody's powder......none of them did a DARNED thing. Not even when the powder was directly applied to tooth. For the last 8hrs. i have resorted to cold water shock treatment. Greatly annoying because i have to do it every 30 seconds just about, and have been running to the bathroom every 20mins and running to kitchen every 15mins (to get more water). But then it got to the point where even that stopped. And then, i found that the strangest and perhaps one of the oldest forms of treatment worked. Vinegar. Get a washcloth, soak it in vinegar and then hold it on the cheek that is on the same side of the afflicted area. I'm told white vinegar works better, but i only had cider vinegar and so far it's working just fine. I'm not about to complain. The only thing is that you might find yourself holding it up there for a while as it gradually draws out the pain and after awhile you may find that your able to remove it for 20-30min (maybe even several hour) intervals. Long enough to go to sleep at least. I hope this helps some.

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My gf's wisdom tooth had broken we had gone to the dentist and he gave her vicodin and another antibotic but none of them helped the pain that she was going threw i tried your remedy and she's sound asleep now thank you very much. its helping her right now as i type this! once again thank you!


im giving that a shot tonight if my cloves stop working for some reason. i rinsed with it and salt and almost blew my teeth out of my mouth it worked as a shocker great but it took all the skin out of my mouth with it, and put me in a whole nother pain still in my mouth. im having pretty bad pain today just reading and i like this one try cloves too and clove oil. thanks for sharing need all the advise i can get for this right at the moment

Akron, Ohio

Thanks, it worked! My husband had a molar with an infection under the root of the tooth. The dentist gave him 800mg ibuprofen and amoxicillin. He was in pain all night and most of today. I read your post and decided to try it. He had been taking the ibuprofen, vicodin and drinking wild turkey. I soaked a cotton ball in white vinegar and soaked a washcloth in it also. I wrapped the cotton ball in gauze and gave it to him to put in his mouth on the gumline. The pain was gone in 5-10 minutes! He used the rag also, but had better results with the cotton ball. Before this, he was debating taking pliers to rip the tooth out! Thanks for the post.


I was dealing with unbearable pain from a tooth ache, which had gotten worse everyday and with two sleepless nights and after trying every over the counter and home remedy I could find and taking prescription pain killers all with no luck , I was willing to try anything . I read about the vinegar on the washcloth held to your cheek and could not believe it would help, but I needed something. I was AMAZED that within 10 minutes my pain was gone ( it hurt as I could feel it pulling the pain through my cheek ) !!! That was last evening at midnight and its 11:am and still NO PAIN !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you , thank you !!!!!!!! Totally Awesome !!!!

Shea T

XD Yay! i'm glad i helped!!!


This actually works, I've been dealing with severe dental pain to the point I was taking so much pain meds that were barely doing enough to help, so I thought what the heck and for the first time in I don't even know I can feel no pain. All I can say to you the person who posted this is THANK YOU!!! I am extremly grateful to you right now. So once again THANK YOU!!!!!

Shi from Baltimore

All I can say is I think I might love you. I have tried everything(including an arsinal of perscription narcotics) and nothing worked, but this.

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