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Frank H.

Tried the borax and peroxide treatment on my 9 month old bulldog puppy and it started drying up the affected area almost immediately(Within a day).Reapeated treatment every 3 days after for two weeks and all healed and she is starting to grow her hair back.
8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide,4 cups warm water,8 heaping tablespoons of 20 Mule Team Borax.
Mix till Borax diluted and apply with sponge till dog is soaked.Leave on wet and pen dog up till dry.Repeat as need every few days.Works on Bulldog pups but can't attest to other breeds or if the mange will return after a period of time. It has only been a couple of weeks since I stopped treatments.

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Just tried this last night except I did 2 cups of water instead of 4. i can already see a difference on my Chihuahuas paws and her frequency of scratching. Thank so much to all who posted this remedy!! I will definitely be following up treatment!!


We just tried this remedy on our dogs and so far, they seem to be less itchy. I will follow up in 3 days in hopes that I notice a difference...thanks for the advice!!


Well my pit has mange I tniNk n I am scared to get if it is im scared to get it after rreading everything on the web in I cant afford it im on my way to go get it if it is it hopefulky im catching it in time she has lost a lil hair thank u u make it sound cheep n simple


i wasn't quite sure where else to post this but i'm pretty sure my puppy has mange, and i had a few questions before i try this remedy on her. i'd take her to the vet but i don't have the money to... She's about 9 weeks old will it be safe for her?


Thanks so much everyone for posting your ideas and experiences. The borax peroxide mix works brilliantly. I have applied the mix as a wash to our 2yr old red cloud kelpie after discovering mange at the rear of his body around his tail. It has been 2 days since application (repeating today) and already there is hair regrowth, the inflammation has subsided and his itching stopped. A much happier dog now and a relieved owner this close to vet bill!


My name is Lacey and I have a 9 month old Blue Pitbull pup and he was attacked 5 weeks ago by a stray German Sheperd who had the mange so bad we could hardly tell what breed of dog he was. 8 days after the attack my puppy's hair began to fall out and has since became scabby and completely bald in 3 places. I found your Borax mixture yesterday and applied it today. Now we just have to wait to see the results. I will update in a few days. Thank you so much for posting this mixture.


This is Lacey again. I posted the comment on 12-20 about my dog having the mange. It's been 1 month and I've used the treatment on my dog 6 times and his hair has completely grown back! He has no signs of ever having the mange at all. The mixture worked and I will absolutely recommend it to everyone I know who has pets. Thank you again for posting your mixture! =-)

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