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Gramma Mary's Ear Ache Remedy

For ear aches, ear infections, even an infection of the inner ear that is un-responsive to antibiotics. I'm the youngest of eleven children and I had ear aches as a child and this always worked for me.

My mom would bake a medium sized onion(with outer peeling removed) in the oven @ 350 for about an hour or until it would prick easily with a fork.(I cannot vouch for microwave). Remove the onion, place it at the bottom of a canning jar, wrap the jar in a towel so as not to burn your hand, prick the onion to release the steam. Place the affected ear over the opening to allow the steam of the onion to sooth and penetrate the ear. You can use a smaller onion and a smaller jar for a small child, the opening will be better for their little ears) Leave it in that position until the steam is no longer being released, the heat alone feels wonderful. It almost immediately eases the pain.

I know of a child scheduled for tubes to be surgically placed in her inner ear for drainage due to repeated infections that were un-responsive to antibiotics, who responded to this treatment the night before the planned surgery. When the doctor checked her ear the infection was completely resolved and the surgery was cancelled. The childs mother wanted to know if she could pay my mom,just knowing a child was no longer suffering was more than enough payment. We know now that onions have a natural antibiotic property and the heat may also help to improve circulation. It won't hurt to try, and it just may help. So what have you got to lose, onions are cheap!
Happy Healing!
Make it a Great Day for yourselves!!

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WORKS beautifully! I get an ear infection about 2 times a year, and it is such a hassle to take time out of work and school to go to a DR appointment. So i decided to use this remedy since i my biannual infection has hit this weekend, and so far it has relieved the pain and the 'clogged' feeling is still there, but not as bad.

One Happy Person!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!!! I woke with a terrible earache. I was in pain all night long, went to the doctor and had an ear infection. Great, I thought. I hate taken meds! After over twelve hours of pain and nothing from the doctor  to help with the pain right away. I started searching the Internet. 
I found this site! I baked a yellow onion for an hour. I removed it from the oven and put it in a jar. The relief from pain was leaving from the warm vapors. It felt so good I relaxed with the jar to my ear for fifteen minutes or better. The pain was gone. I got a good night sleep with no pain. I woke up eith ear as good as new. 
So I decided to post that the onion trick worked for me.   


I've been battling this ear infection all weekend... I'm at work all day in super pain, i'm baking my onion tonight i'll let you know how it works


Does this work only for pain? or will it work for clogged ear / fluid? My ear feels like it has an infection but right now there is not much pain just the clogged/fluid feeling. I noticed it seems to feel worse after a shower or when it rains, would this help or just make it worse from moisture?


I have almost the same situation as previous person who submitted question yesterday. I've had a clogged feeling in my ear for about a week & I just let it go. It is now feeling more and more clogged but not really any pain. I sense it is going to get worse if I don't do something I am feeling some slight pressure moving to the throat area, But I have the SAME the steam going to make the situation worse. Some one PLEASE answer. Thank you.


A few days ago I made a post asking if this remedy only works for pain, or if it also works with clogged/fluid feeling. I decided to try it anyway and I have to admit it worked very very well but it was only temporary. Although it has only been 2 days, I will explain more in detail.

I put the onion in a toaster oven on 350 for about 20-30 mins, put it in a jar and held it to my ear while head tilted for about 5 mins, at this point it feels like a hot shower and the pressure is lessened. After you remove the jar and wait a few mins there is a very wierd sensation in your ears its like someone put vicks vapor rub in there it seems to clog and loosen over and over but over time it seems to evaporate the fluid and starts to get itchy when your ears start to clear. Over all it feels like its working and you will feel better even up to the next morning. I am a smoker though and the next day after a smoke I noticed it starting up again so I repeated the process felt better and went to sleep. Today I got up and havent had a smoke but I can still notice some pressure, So I will try not to smoke and repeat to see if it helps.

Long story short.. It works. It may not have worked (longterm) for me as well as some others but it did not make it worse either, at least not yet.


I tried this remedy after attempting anitbiotics. Not wanting to put any drops in my ear for fear I may have already ruptured my eardrum, I thought this would be the safest thing. It definately relieves a good deal of pain and some of the pressure. In addition to following the directions given by grandma I also used part of the onion layer as a cotton ball. I turned it soft side out and placed in my ear as I would a cotton ball until it was no longer warm. That seemed to help even more and I didn't have to deal with the burning from the steam. I hope to see continued results as the day wears on as most people seem to have seen.


Couldn't sleep for hours and finally broke down and tried this at 4am. Though it still feels a little plugged, there is no pain unless I pop my ears, and even that is barely anything. Totally worth a try, thank you so much!


phenomenal... 1 minute and it was gone it also works with a cup with 2 ounces of water cover the cup with the plate and drain the water and don't touch the onion (its smokin hot) awesome you are the Boss many thanks 10 out of 10 hands down


I am going to try this, thank you so much for sharing :)

I wanted to say to those who are Microwaving instead of Cooking the onion, it surely will make a difference! I am a hobbyist chef, and believe me, the microwave physically cooks food differently than the oven does. It uses microwaves (that is where it gets its name), and cooks it from the inside out.
In a conventional oven, the heat slowly circulates around inside, to gradually bronze the food from the outside in. The big difference with an Onion is that the onion won't Caramelize in a microwave - because simply put, caramelizing an onion is a gradual process. Why is this important? Well, caramelized foods taste different, because they are molecularly different.

That is what I am assuming is the big difference in the recipe working or not.

Good luck to you all :)

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