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As all of you, I too have suffered from rls for most of my adult life. The only solution so far that works for me is quninne , with that being said, it is not prescribed in the USA any longer. You can order it from Canada, ot drink quinne water if you can stand the taste.I have tried prescriptions that work but only for a short while then I am back to square one.

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I also took quinnine. After it went off the market I tried just about every pill out there. I do like the drink,but it doesn't seem to work as well as the pill. Has anybody heard about the soap remedy?


I also took quinine pills when first diagnosed 10 years ago. When I started taking them you could get them over the counter, then they were given by rx only. I don't know if you can get them at all now, but they did work. Hylands Leg Cramp remedy has quinine in them, but I'm sure it's a very lose dose. I have tried the soap thing, as a total last resort. It didn't work, obviously! Not sure how it even could since 'they' think true RLS has something to do with the dopamine levels in the brain, and putting soap under your sheets can't possibly effect that!


There are natural pills with quinine in them. I found them @ Meijer but not sure where else they can be found at. Hope this helps. (Meijer is in Mi, Oh, In, & slowly spreading out into other states!)


I have been using tonic water with quanine for the last 6 months or so and my restless leg problems have virtually been eliminated! I too had tried many things with no success and was very surprised that this has worked so well. You can buy the tonic water anywhere -- eg. Target, grocery stores, etc. I take about 3 ounces, mixed with a splash of orange juice, right before bedtime. I did some research on it and what I could find suggested that the small level of quanine that I use nightly wouldn't seem to have any negative side effects.

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