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Vicks on the feet is truly effective. In a pinch icy hot or ben gay or even plain crisco or lard will work as long as the feet are covered with socks

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Love this remedy I use it with my 3 kids works Preatty good. Also put Vicks on chest and put a little rectangle of news paper on the chest.(sounds funny but works) news paper keeps chest warm.


I was overseas and feeling terrible with a dry cough, used toothpaste cuz it was all I has, but really did the trickand let me get some much needed sleep. Thx for the vicks tip!


I am a 20 year old, female. I have been coughing for quite a bit, probably 6-7 Days. I've Tried absolutely everything from Buckleys cough syrup to Theraflu Max D horrible tasting tea to Mucinex DM, Now on Amoxicillin 500mg(Thank God I work in a pharmacy) lol, nothing has worked. Until I came across some home remedies online and saw the Vicks trick. I gave it a try and it works like magic! Wow who would've thought a simple pair of socks and Vicks Vapor Rub actually does the job!!!!! It's been three hours and no cough or sniffle....Definitely spreading the word...hope this review helped. Take Care Happy holidays =)


This really does work

Cresha (Pittsburg ca)

Just put the Vicks on my sons feet he has been coughing all nite it's been about 10 minutes now and I haven't heard him cough not one time this is amazing


I've been up all night with a cough came across this and since I actually had all the stuff needed I tried it. The effect was immediate I can't believe this actually works. I felt really stupid when I was rubbiny vicks on my feet but I'm so glad I did it. Thanks

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