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I too like the many people above have had a molar that is going bad and have had a toothache off and on for weeks now to which I have no insurance. Yesterday it was to the point that I had to keep cold water in my mouth on a constant basis to get any relief. Oragel is not doing the trick anymore. I thought I would check online to see what other home remedies people have tried. I am here to tell you that just in a matter of 8 hours I tried a few of them out. I started with the rinse with the Peroxide. It works while in your mouth. I went to placing a baby aspirin on the tooth and letting it dissovle. It too work for a short time. Warm tea bags did wonders. It took a little time to get the relief but it did work for a few hours. I then went on the hunt for extract. I did not have 100% pure vanilla but I did have lemon. It is amazing. It burns for a short time but the pain went away almost immediately . I had little to no pain at all today. I bought a bottle of vanilla and peppermint to keep on hand just for that purpose.

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plain as vanilla

Used a toothpick soaked in vanilla extract. Put it directly in the hole & it went to work instantly, took 800mg of ibuprofen. I can finally sleep & function. I was in so much pain to the point of crying. Didn't know what else to do-googled toothache remedy & so happy I found this site. Now its time to get dental insurance.


I would just like to say that i put mint extract on my tooth and the pain and throbbing went away instantly maybe this will work for someone else also


is it a dry tea bag or do we soak it?


I was looking for almond extract but realized I had bought two lemon jars of extract instead. I used that and it worked so fast my six year old thought i was faking....I was able to rinse the cavity out without pain and reapply a bit of the extract. I was in pain all day and at one point cried. Thanks to all who post on this site!


My tooth had a. filling come out along with some of the tooth, it hurts really really really bad now!!! I ground some whole cloves in my coffee grinder and put that powder into a tea bag, and have that against my tooth and gum. I can honestly say the pain, throbbing and neck ache are completely gone now! Ora-gel didn't do that. I have such welcome relief now, zero pain now and all natural too. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed it will last, but even a few minutes of relief is heaven.

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