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Chelsi from NH

I had excruciating, throbbing pain 5 days after getting all four wisdom teeth removed. My entire right side of my face was pulsing pain. Nothing was treating the pain and I was keeping up with all medications and followed my dentist instructions. I soon concluded I had DRY SOCKET. Worse than any pain I have ever felt. I cam across this website and in entire desperation ran to Hannafords to buy some clove oil. As soon as I got in I rinsed my mouth with salt and water combination as directed by my dentist. Then I mixed a few drops of clove oil into a few drops of water. I mixed it with a q-tip and applied a few drops to the wound. It didn't strike me as a giant hole like some people mentioned, just a fleshy wound. The taste was bad, but WELL WORTH IT. It dropped my pain by 95%. Even after I ate and rinsed with salt water again, the clove oil continued to do its job. I am 100% convinced that natural medicine is better than synthetic drugs. If you go to the dentist they would 'fill' the hole the same way you could by rolling a piece of gauze, dipping it in the oil/water mix and putting it in the hole (socket). But like I said, I don't see a socket, just a wound and just putting the oil on made a HUGE difference. PLEASE, if you are experiencing dry socket. DO THIS!!

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I just had two wisdom teeth pulled 4 days ago and refuse to take prescribed pain killers. The antiobiotics and whatever else they gave me does nothing for me.
I'm glad I found this site. It is a big help. My wife is going out right now to get clove oil for me.


The Clove Oil REALLY DOES WORK!! I feel so much better and I am AMAZED how well it works! Feeling Human again! Thank You ALL that recommended CLOVE OIL!


thank you so much, I've been in such pain and this has really helped!!!


OMG I have been dying in pain & just put clove oil on & it really does work. If you can get past the taste it REALLY works..What a life saver:)

Larry R

I had an upper right molar removed 5 days ago and around day 2-3 I started getting an extremely sharp pain manifesting itself in my right ear. I thought it was an earache from the cold air as I had surgery on that ear 8 months ago. The pain wasn't constant but was severe when it occurred. I read the article about oil of clove and went to the pharmacy to check on that and the red cross toothache kit. The pharmacist recommended the clove oil because it was natural and said to use it straight out of the bottle with a Q-tip and apply it directly into the socket. The oil is a bit expensive ($6.00 or an 1/8 oz. bottle) and strong tasting of cloves but the relief was almost immediate. The earache pain almost totally went away. Use caution as you don't want to get this on your tongue, lips, or elsewhere in your mouth but I highly recommend it...


Thank you SOOO much! I had a molar removed 3 days ago, and today it started hurting really bad. After some searching I concluded I must have dry socket (bad pain, and I can see bone in the hole). After some more searching I found this site. If your in this situation, GET THE CLOVE OIL! I was really skeptical, but since it's the weekend I couldn't see the dentist and had to try something. INSTANT RELIEF! I'll be able to sleep tonight! Thank you so much for sharing this information!!

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