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Follow this step by step and you will not feel a single prick of pain, when removing skin tags. I just recently found out those bumps near the shaft of my penis were skin tags, I thought they were genital warts the whole time. I was easily able to tell the difference after researching them up more due to the fact that mine weren't flat and all of it wasn't connected to my skin, I could move them around and fit medical scissors right underneath it to ensure a clean cut.

1. Grab some medical scissors, paper towels, cotton balls, hydrogen peroxide, neosporin, rubbing alcohol, a bandaid, and an ice cube

2. Soak the scissors in alcohol and pour some peroxide in the cap to have it ready

3. Numb the skin tag, and the area around it, with ice for approximately 30 sec-1 min (just make sure you cant feel anything in that area)

4. Dry the area, and apply some neosporin all over it (just to sanitize the area and keep it clean while cutting)

5. Take the scissors and place underneath the skin tag and position it for a clean cut and SNIP THAT BITCH!

6. Will most likely bleed a little, but that's alright. Take the paper towels and wipe away the blood/anything else in the area

7. Dip a cotton ball in the peroxide and douse the affected area really, really good (don't want any infections!)

8. Wipe the area again with a cotton ball or paper towel, doesn't matter

9. Apply some more neosporin to the affected area and place a cotton ball in the middle of the bandaid (where you would normally put medicated ointment) and bandaid the wound. (I suggest using the cotton ball w/ the bandaid incase of additional bleeding/discharge, pays to be safe!)

10. Thats it! I literally just did this my first time and created these steps, after reading up on how to do it for about 2 hours (i wanted to make sure i wasnt fucking anything up! especially around my cock, thats a sensitive area)

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Ok! This is just insane.


This is hilarious but true--u can get skin tags on Ur groin and that is the way the doctor removes it anyways so why not hold off on the copayment and embarrassment and do it your self lol


Why dont you just tie it with cotton. Yes just sewing cotton and it will fall off soon. It just burns a little when you tighten the knot the first time.


This is pretty funny--and exactly right on how to do it.


sounds crazy but it worked. didn't really feel a thing! although mine was in a different place it was the same result


Thats fuckin disgusting.


you bitches are crazy!!! skin tags, ewwww!!


watch your language


The forum is a brighter place thnaks to your posts. Thanks!


I've done this twice now and neither time hurt a bit. make sure its numb enough by the ice and your good to go. will bleed a little

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