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I read this in an article and it has worked ever since I take B12 sublingual 1000 mgs every morning and I have not had a migraine in the last year and it's only about $6 dollars for a bottle of 100. Also if I feel like headache is coming on ...its very important to nip in the bud early. I used to wait and say I let the pain pass and then I find Im at the the dr three day later getting a shot in my but because nothing will help(even prescribed meds) So as soon as feel a pain I immediately take over the counter tylenol(anything handy) and a caffinated soda . Some people say don't drink soda but the caffine make the pill work faster. I just recommend do not drink diet soda's. Aspartme can make your headache worse and its also not good for you .

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Aspertame was causing a lot of my migraines. I was have one a couple times I week. It was summer and I was drinking a lot of iced tea with sweet n low. I put it together & cut out aspertame and now I still have the migraines but only one a month or so. Excedrin migraine, dark room with a fan on me, ice on my neck and forehead is what works for me. It's not instant but it helps me relax, sleep a little and then I'm usually good.

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