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Laura T

My 6yr old was crying in pain for 2 hrs after I gave him tylenol and antibiotic ear drops for his ear infection. I read on here about the vinegar and tried it -- it has helped! I warmed up a little vinegar in the microwave, dropped some in his ear and about 5 mins later he's not crying anymore! Thanks guys!

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My 7 yr old son has been crying in pain for the last couple hours so I am going to try the vinegar but I'm wondering do you keep it in their ear until it feels better or do you drain it out right away?


my son is 4, he started crying about his ear hurting..this worked 5 mins after I did this vinegar remedy he said it doesnt hurt..i just warmed up white vinegar and put 3 drop into his ear..worked!!!


Thank you so much for posting. It's 12:20am and I just tried this on a screaming 5 year old who was crying about his ear hurting and it worked.


my 6 yr old daughter woke me up at 130 am crying of a ear ache i looked up some remedies because im not the one to run to the ER i tried this one and it worked like a charm i want to thank you parent to parent.


Wow....It has only been a few minutes....but I already feel a diffrence.


My daughter who is 2yrs. old was crying uncontrollably saying her ear hurt. I immediately looked up home remedies since I work tomorrow I wasn't going to have time to take her to the doctor tomorrow saw this remedie which looked simple, tried it and it worked really fast she's now in bed with her dad trying to fall asleep. Thanks a lot for posting this up I'm a much happier person when she's feeling so much better. :)


3 1/2 year up woke up last night screaming and crying that his ear hurt. He was pretty unconsolable, and then I found this. I warmed up equal parts white vinegar and water and dropped them into his ear. I then put a cotton ball in his ear to keep it in, and he was back asleep (for the night) within minutes. Worked great.


Omg, I woke up @ 3 am in serious pain from my ear! I tried to POP my ears nothing worked, I was a little skeptical when I saw this vinegar posting. But with the pain I was in anything wad worth a try. So I did equal parts warm water and vinegar dropped acre drops in and wow almost instantaneously the pain wad alleviated! I also took two tylenols 5 minutes prior to vinegar treatment.


It's 4:00am & my ear is throbbing so bad right now. Just tried this vinegar idea.... Hope it works. I don't tend to whine about little things but this don't feel so little.

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