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Laura T

My 6yr old was crying in pain for 2 hrs after I gave him tylenol and antibiotic ear drops for his ear infection. I read on here about the vinegar and tried it -- it has helped! I warmed up a little vinegar in the microwave, dropped some in his ear and about 5 mins later he's not crying anymore! Thanks guys!

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I'm glad the vinegar worked well for your son..only is it red or white vinegar..just wondering.


is it red or white vinegar...

Tiff H

This totally worked! My 2 1/2 year old just woke up screaming again and I searched for a remedy, found this one and after 15 minutes of screaming she stopped after two! This is awesome. And we used white vinegar.


I tried this last night at 4am on my 8 year old daughter - worked like a charm! Thank you for posting!


Just tried it on my 7 yr old. Worked great! Thanks


This works great I gave it to my 2 1/2 year old daugther and 15min laters she stop crying and went to sleep THANK YOOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lacy family

My 7 year old woke up at 2am screaming and I searched for a natural remedy vs going to ER and within minutes of pouring the white warm vinger in her ear we were both back to sleep along with prayer I don't want to forget that. Thank you for sharing this I will definetly pass this on.


So easy even Dad can do it! My 3yr old daughter has been in pain since last night. I don't run to the doctor for the littlest thing but she has been in such pain I was just about to take her until I found this site. I Was going to use the onion idea however we didn't have any onions on hand. So I tried a little warmed up white vinegar and 'no joke' about 10 minutes later she is up jumping and running around and now wants to go play outside. Thank you!


The vinegar really 5 yr old was crying in pain and i went to walmart and got her some earache medicine and it didnt work at all. so i found some vinegar and warmed it and it worked quick and now she keeps wanting me to do it (haha) thank u so much


Ok, so I took my 5 yr old to the dr this am because his ear was bothering him...and of course he was fine. 6 hrs later he was laid out in the floor crying because his ear hurt. I looked up a home remedy, and this sounded like the best one. AMAZING!!! He's sitting here beside me like nothing ever happened!!! Thank you for posting this's a real life saver!

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