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I'm not sure if anyone has ever attempted this at home on their own, but I was able to surgically remove a 1cm plantar wart from the pad of my foot with my bare hands. After a few weeks of applying salic acid from acne pads I had, I decided enough was enough and I wanted the little devil out.

After just getting out of the shower I sat down and began scraping and pinching at the plantar wart which at first was deep in the skin and flush with the rest of my foot. After about 5-10 minutes of aggressive pinching and pulling, manipulating it to the surface as if it were a pimple; I had forced the wart to the surface, with it now appearing like a sizable pimple or cyst.

At this point I was able to grip it tightly with the nail of my thumb and index finger and literally ripped it from my foot completely intact leaving a small hole in my foot that I cleaned out, treated with antibacterial ointment and finally bandaged with gauze and tape.

Hope this helps anyone brave enough to attempt such an aggressive home remedy.

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I've done the same with mine. I had mine for a year or two and really got fed up with them at some point. It was pretty painful but not excruciatingly so. And I applied bee propolis to suppress whatever viruses left, and they never came back (more than 5 years now).

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