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i went to the ER last night after 3 days of agony with 2 broken teeth - nerves exposed - and no insurance or cash to go to dentist. i was given something called Magic Mouthwash - - it is heaven in a bottle for those of us who are suffering with our teeth. it has lidocaine, malox and benedryl... swish for 2 minutes and spit out and your whole mouth is numb for ours !!!!! hope this info is helpful... good luck

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where do you get this magic mouthwash


doctor prescribes, and the pharmacy prepares it with what the doctor ordered


im going to have to go see about that one. they stuck me with a big needle when i went and that was 2 years ago that whole they made is still a knot in my mouth that swells and seems to try to get infected its self. its at the roof of my mouth and two years later i am still dealing with that pain. i wish they would have gave me some magic mouth wash instead i will get me some if its the last thing i do

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