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First up, if you see no improvement within 24 hours GO TO THE DOCTOR, as this can move on to a bladder infection and ultimately to Kidney infection, which is not only VERY painful but also life threatning. Get some vinigar (apple cider works fine) and take 1-2 tablespoons followed by eating some plain Yoghurt - at least twice a day. Drink lots of water and cranberry juice, and you should see an improvement usually very fast, within a few hours. Otherwise again, PLEASE SEE YOUR DOCTOR for Antibiotics.

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Did you drink the vinigar or insert it inside?


Drink the vinagar.

Thank you Katie for the post. I just implimented this treatment and I am already feeling better!


Thank you so much for the tips. I am trying to implement this one right now, as I just bought apple cider vinegar and plain yogurt last week, except I got them with the intention of supplementing treatment for bacterial vaginosis. I never have these problems when I am not sexually active, which makes it so frustrating when I actually have a boyfriend and want to enjoy my sex life. Instead, I have the constant struggle of trying to prevent UTIs, yeast, and bacterial infections. Anyway fingers crossed that this works because I just finished a course of metronidazole which was hell, and do not feel like starting Cipro!!


This is very true. I haven't had in a while but, unfortunately I got one. Usually works the best for me is cranberry juice, water. When I first had a uti I went to the doctor. It seemed like forever until I got better. But my girlfriend told me about cranberry juice. So I tired it and it worked great. A tip the sooner you catch the better off you'll be to cure it. The longer you wait the longer its going to take until you get better. Trust me I did made that mistake.


D-Mannose powder is the best thing! kills all bacteria in the bladder and such. i suggest to anyone pick some up! you'll be happy you did!

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