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in Hawaii

For plugged middle ear which felt like water in ear (ENT diagnosed as allergy related) which often became infected, Mucinex D, 12 hour; one/day; remarkable. My sinuses are able to drain, I can hear clearly, no longer sneeze & cough throughout day. Comfortable in airplanes. No more earaches.

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bullshit, i took it not feeling anything just loosening up my flem.


Does it take awhile to take affect?


I don't think that was necessary to use that kind of word. But I agree that it doesn't say that it will clear up your ear, but it does help with mucus in your throat to loosen it up.


Been using that for weeks. Does NOTHING for clogged ears


i am on my 13th day using Allegra D 12 hour without any change in my ear.

i thought i was coming down with ear infection DR suggested it is allergy related and to use Allegra D.

no success

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