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I've been lucky as many to get migraines since I was 14. I have tried everything from migraine pills from the doc to cold clothes. I honestly think that the only thing that works for me is calming the body. Stress does a lot of damage and you can tell just by the pain that a simple stress headache will cause. Cannabis works the best. Although people are against it I do think this will be the up and coming new miracle drug.

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I did not start experiencing regular migranes until after college. Looking back, I was a regular cannibas smoker during high school and college. After college I moved to Japan and became a teacher and thus stopped smoking cannibas regularly because it was not available in Japan. I returned to the states and did not resume smoking cannabis because it was socially taboo, especially for an educator. I am also married with two kids. For the past 20 years I have suffered from migranes on an average of one or two per week. Imitrex would relieve the pain eventually, most of the time. Occassionally I would go a week to 10 days without a migrane but that didn't happen very often. At the age of 43, I started smoking cannibas again on a semi-regular basis nearly a year ago and I've had fewer than 10 headaches. Since I have started smoking almost daily, just a small amount in the evening, I have been headache free for nearly 2 months now. I also exercise 2-3 times a week and eat reasonably well but I'm not a health freak. I am really starting to think that my 'cannibas treatments' have made a big difference in curtailing migranes.


I have tried to use cannabis for chronic pain, including migraines. It seems to depend upon the strain of the cannabis, and until we all have ready access to medical marijuana, I wouldn't advise this remedy, as some strains actually make the headaches worse for me.

I never took any pills and cannabis or any sort of medication... It is solely about the oxygen supply to brain and I started doing Indian Pranayama, which regulates O2 supply and relives. 2000 odd nerves in our body... It worked in last. 3 months to reduce intensity of my migraines.... I would measure them as 3-4 on scale of 10 which use to be 7-8 and use to last 2 days sometimes.

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