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#1: Avoid the trigger foods. HELLO... Enjoy them on occasion in small quantities.

#2: take daily cherry in vitamin form with curcumin at each meal. Curcumin is a great anti-inflammatory and helps fight cancer as well.

#3: put a pinch of baking soda in your glass of water. It neutralizes the acid. Drink lots of water to eliminate the acid.

#4: avoid alcohol. Seriously if you think it would be hard to do then you have a real problem.

Your body doesn't lie. Listen to it and focus on feeling good. You are what you eat. I found that gout is a symptom of many underlying problems and food habits that are slowly getting better because I took action and made a choice to get healthy. I'm slowly reversing my type 2 diabetes at the same time by avoiding processed foods, alcohol, and protein sources that trigger gout. I eat nuts and make whey protein shakes with fresh fruit. I eat lots of salads and pay attention to my habits. The meds won't cure it. It's up to you to eliminate what your body can't tolerate:)

I couldn't take the meds for gout as they produced pain in my kidney area. I had to do it the natural way

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The real problem part is not necessary. Some people like to drink from time to time and they don't need your random judgement for it while providing info on gout.


I agree with the other comment. A little prickish to say it that way.


Wow! Thanks for the advise , but your kinda a jerk !

Alcohol Lover (lol)

Good advice. People got mad you wrote about the alcohol part though. Haha. I didn't mind it because as I kept reading, I realized this was really good tips. Also, drinking alcohol is a huge trigger and your statement was so BOLD that I am sure it will catch someone's attention which then will help them remember it when it's time to make a decision about drinking and them being able to associate it with gout ;)

I am off to buy cherry vitamins now. That is better than eating 6 a day I think. Or at least a back up. Thanks again.

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