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I had a horrible Staph Infection for two years which caused so much trauma to my skin that I have developed Eczema. I had a horrible flare up and was desperate and was getting depressed. My skin looked infected, red and blistered. The blisters would ooze clear fluids and it would stick to my clothes. It was so itchy that I couldnt even sleep at night.

My doctor put me on oral steroids which wiped it out and prescribed Fluocinonide Cream. It was really bad and was all over my legs, arms, buttocks and torso. I was prescribed Moisturel lotion with Kenalog in it. All that gave me temporary relief but nothing that would really keep my Eczema under control. And the steroids actually made my skin more sensitive. The smallest scratch would break the skin open. And that wasnt any good for me since I was always terrified that the wounds would get infected with Staph again.

So I did a little research and came up with something that helps me keep my skin under control.

- Keep your skin well moisturized. It will itch less. Ive tried so many lotions and creams. Avoid anything that contains fragnance. I always have Eucerin Intensive Repair lotion on hand. Its a bit greasy and heavy and I only use it before bed. Throughout the day I use Moisturel which is a lot lighter.

- I take an Aveeno Oatmeal bath once a week. Usually before bed. Two pouches in bathwater and soak in it for 30 mins. I rub the contents of an additional pouch all over my breakouts if I have any. It really does soothe your skin. I rinse of with a quick shower and skip the lotion and massage extra virgin olive oil all over my body. Wear long sleeved cotton shirts and pants to lock in the moisture.

- I use Yes to Tomatoes shower gel in my everyday shower. It has 99.6% natural ingredients and contains Dead Sea water, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Seed Oil, Green Tea extract, Sesamee Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Tomatoes, Rosemary, Niacin and Calendula Oil and a whole bunch of other good stuff. It is Paraben free and very moisturizing. If I dont have that on hand i use Eucerin Shower oil. It goes on as oil but turns into a rich lather.

- Vitamins overdose. I have discovered that a Multivitamin alone daily helps. I take a Multivitamin in addition to Vitamin C, Flaxseed oil, Vitamin B6 and B12, Vitamins C and E and Fish Oil Capsules. Since I was on antibiotics for months at a time, taking the strong Zyvox antibiotic i also take a Probiotic daily.

- And when I have Eczema rash, drying, cracking and peeling I use Balmex Daily Skin Protectant on the spots that are bad. It helped my son when he was little and was getting a rash under his chin. And it helped my skin when it was breaking out really bad.

- Avoid stress. I have noticed that my skin itches intensivly and I get rashes when Im under pressure or stressed. So I try to live a stress free life. Which is somewhat impossible but cutting out unecessary stress will help a lot.

This might seem like a lot to do but you will see improvements within about two weeks once you work this into your daily routine. I rather do all this than be miserable with itchy skin.

I will try a bleach bath since that would probably kill any staph lingering on my skin as well. And lemon. I have yet to start a food journal to see if maybe certain foods make me flare up. I hope this helps someone because i know how bothersome Eczema can be.

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very, very helpful. my 13 yr old son has recently begun breaking out and these are techniques i can easily teach him. thanks so much.

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