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My chidren and I are in and out of Florida lakes and pools continually. We used to battle with swimmer's ear repeatedly, but now - NEVER! We put drops of a mix of alcohol and vinegar in our ears after every swim as a preventative. I keep this mix in my gym bag, and in each medicine cabinet where it's always available. I hope this helps you!

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What is the ratio alcohol/vinegar? I understand alcohol absorbs water and evaporates quickly, but what does the vinegar do?


I read on another post further down on this site that the vinegar sooths the pain

Tot Mom

I went to a different website and it said 1 Tablespoon of vinegar and alcohol. I wasn't sure how it would work, but I had my son lay down on his side and I put 3-4 drops in. He laid down for 3 minutes and then he yelled, 'Mommy! Something's happening!' I looked in his ear and sure enough, there was water outside of his ear. He had a huge smile on his face! He said he felt much better. :)


I had alot of ear issue back in my teans. Back in the 1970's had an EAR/NOSE doctor told my mother to use a mix of alcohol and vinegar 50/50 mix, after any swimming, and was was the same basic mix of a prescription that the doctor would offer. Much cheaper to use mix of alcohol and vinegar 50/50 mix. nearyly forty years later, still use the mixer.


My Daughter has had much problems with swimers ear when we went to our Doctor he told me that 'THE U S Swim Team' uses equal amounts of Rubbing alchol,Peroxicide,and white Vinigar the thinking behind this is the Alchol dries the water the peroxicide gets rid of the wax and the Vinigar nutralizes the mix 3-4 drops after swimming and none of the US swim team have any problems ?


I have to be in the water every day of the year because i teach swimming lessons. I get swimmers ear every year and currently dealing with it using a prescription medicine. My ear doctor told me that the best home remedy is an even 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and vinegar. :) now I can put a couple of drops of that into my ear after each work day. Swimmers ear, by the way, is just about the only pain I cannot tolerate. Hahaha.


thanks - going to try it


I tried this mix of 50/ 50 alcohol and vinegar and it stung when I put it in my daughter's ear. not sure if it is supposed to do that?

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