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I saw that someone mentioned the TEA BAG method previously, I just wanted to AMEN that. I learned about it online a few years ago, it really works.

I used to be plagued with sties and In fact I have a slight disfiguration on one of my eyelids because of one that lasted so long It got rock hard. Eventually I had to have it surgically removed; but that was before the internet.

A TEA BAG truly works for killing a sty. as soon as I see one rearing it's ugly head I get out the tea pot and boil several bags in just a little water. I use one until it cools then use another rather that risk re-infection by 'double dipping' in the hot water.

CAUTION: All sties are not ingrown eyelashes, many are mild staph infections.

I place the warm TEA BAG on the outside then I lift the inside of my eyelid and hold the bag there too. No plucking, or antibiotics needed at all. Catch it early. Usually within an hour the bump and the pain is gone. If not just repeat.

Use Plain ol'tea nothing herbal or fancy. It's the Tannin or Tannic acid in tea that does the trick.

Please, lets Keep It Safe and Simple. Thats the beauty and purpose of home remedies.

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It really works. I did multiple tea bags each day for 2 days to make sure it was gone. And it works.. Thank you so much.. Saved me a lot in doctor bills.


Thank you very much for this tip. I had a very painful one for 2 days before I found this and tried it. My whole lower lid was inflamed and puffy! Already in one day it's almost totally cleared up and the pain is gone. Moved on to the slightly itchy faze which tells me it's healing :-)


Would you recommend this if the stye is on the inside of your eye? Or.. should I not?


I just wanted to say thank you for posting this remedy. I am 33 weeks pregnant..had never had a stye..and have a week before next Dr. appt. I used the tea bag today..and my eye feels so much better. The stye is not completely gone...but swelling is down..and the pain relief is amazing. Thanks again!!!


could u use the tea bags if the sty is on the inside of ur upper eyelid? thank u


A 'Stye' is an acute infection on the outside edges of your lid, they're usually painful, warm, and sometimes have a pus discharge. Doctors may prescribe antibiotics. But teabags do the trick.

A 'Chalazion' -is on the inside of of an eyelid, they are not always painful or tender. They are due to infalammation of 'Meibomian glands' and need to be removed surgically. Check with a doctor if an inside lump persist. could potentially be serious.

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