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This works!
Im in high school and i got the poison ivy right before homecoming! It was all over my arms and hand, in between my fingers and on my FACE! I TRIED EVERYTHING! i was desperate!
-Clorox- no just burns more and irritates skin
-salt and vinegar- same thing as Clorox
-Oatmeal works a little bit feels really good and if you let it sit for like 10 mins it will look a little better nothing drastic. Just boil some water and oatmeal and let it cool and salp it right on!
--To help the itch put it in hot water( as hot as you can stand) for like 5 mins and then switch right away to cold water! feels really good!
My mom went to WALMART and got these items! first i took a warm/ hot shower and put a cream on called ZANFEL kinda spendy but feels really good and opens up the pores.(you use it in the shower). Then when you get out and dry for a like 10 mins put this cream called IVAREST helps itch and slowly makes the ivy go away. both of these items are just at walmart. and the only 2 that WORKED!!!
hope it goes away soon!

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If you want to prevent getting Poison Ivy try Poison Ivy Prevention. You can get it at this website. This stuff works! My family uses it each year!!


I agree on the Zanfel, its a bit pricey, but its working. Used calamine lotion for a week and it was still spreading and itchy. Went from a mild case to quite a severe one. Used the Zanfel less that 12 hours ago and the itching is less and have seen incredible improvements on the affected area.

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