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For Chigger Bites add 3 cap fulls of concentrated lysol to a full bath tub of water. Take bath in the water.

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Thoughts from my bites

While the polish does 'smother the chigger', the itching still remains. The lysol is a good idea. It is easier to put some on a wet rag and dab, if only one or two bites.


There is no chigger 'in' a chigger bite. Check medical resources.


I seriously would not advise bathing in lysol!!


You are correct. There is no 'chigger' However, there is the larvae. It is this that feeds on the skin cells by releasing their digestive enzymes to liquefy epidermal cells. The combination of these enzymes and the host immune system response produces the 'chigger bite'


A doctor relative actually advised us to use this cure. Also, if you've been in an area where it's chigger infested, take a shower as soon as possible.


Lysol is not uncommon as a medical therapeutic treatment. I used to work as a pharmacy technician in a 350 bed hospital. One of my jobs was to make up the Lysol douche solution. Seriously. This is a real, medical remedy, albeit 'old school'.


I would NEVER take a bath in Lysol. What a horrible idea -- a bath in toxic chemicals! Forget it!


I have lived in Texas all of my life and this is the preventive treatment my mom used on all children. Bathe this way anytime you spend a day out walking in any tall grass and the chigger bites won't appear. Neglect this treatment at your own peril.


Was itching from chiggers bites on my feet and lower legs, was hot and swetty. Sort-a-panicky not wanting this to become a problem I went into my bathroom for some ideas...I couldn't remember my previous remedy. I saw a spray can of Lysol and sprayed it on my legs and feet and let set for 5 minutes then washed off with water. Then I went online to see if I could find help trying to find my old cure.
I found this site, and finally after wading through dozens of 'remedies' found my old cure...1 cup of Pine-Sol in a tub of water---easy, soothing, and effective.
...But the Lysol had already taken care of the problem; within about 30 minutes the itching stopped, and the swellings went down. Guess this might be OKAY, too.


My Grandmother was a mid-wife and used liquid lysol on a regular basis with her patients with great success!. When I had my son in 1969, The hospital had me sit in liquid lysol & water mixture for the stiches. I believe they call it a sitz bath. My son-in-law had a sore on his foot and it became infected and his Dr. appt. was almost a week away. I had him soak his foot in lysol water daily and by the time he went to the Dr. it had started healing. He informed the Dr. as to what I had him do and she ackledged that lysol was very good and well known for it's many uses.

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