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I promise this will work almost everytime.
Step one- brush with Sensodyne (other brand will work too)at least three times a day. You can even coat the tooth with this for a few minutes to help numb the paid while the other stuff starts to kick in.

Step two- take GARLIC OIL soft gels (I use the odorless), this stuff is awesome. This works like a natural antibiotic and will start attacking the infection that causes the pain. I take 2- 1000 mg gels every 8 hours for the first day or two (this dose starts working on me in a matter of 15-20 minutes). You can start to reduce the count a little at a time to 1 gel every 8 hours after a couple of days.

Step three- take fish oil gels (this is a natural anti-inflammatory). I do this about 2 gels every 8-10 hours. You can reduce this dose later as needed. If the garlic alone is working you can cut this out, but what the heck fish oil is good for you anyway.

Step four- ibuprofen or tylenol as recommended on the bottle (I usually alternate the two at each dose). I just do this until the Garlic has had a chance to start working more long term and it is the first thing I stop taking when I don't need it.

After a few days the Garlic Oil alone will keep the pain at bay.

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