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A glass of milk and a tablespoon of cinnomen it works great I just did it. Also its illegal but it works. marijuana

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I tryed both remedies that you have on here because personal although illeagal pot does work but never tried the milk thing


I used to smoke Mary Jane and yes it works! I wish I still did.


Weed is the only thing that takes the pain away


All you need is hot tea with a teaspoon of cinnamon and a hot pad in your belly...that's the best me it really works , three times a day!!!!!!!


I've had horrible cramps ever since I started my flow when I was 9. I've found that drinking hot tea and eating a candy bar is a good way to get my cramps to go away. But when they get so bad I can't leave bed I drink hot tea and smoke a few bowls of weed. Weed always makes my cramps go away and fast.


This is odd because on a recent blog I read it says to strictly stay away from milk and that it makes it worse. I wouldn't suggest marijuana but that's just me. Try non-caffeine cappuccino I just used this method hours ago and it has not made it worse. I usually get a painkiller and then keep a basin with boiled hot water in it ( my hands weren't sensitive so when i used to dip the towel in it and lay it on my uterus it never burned me but do not try this if you have sensitive skin and hands) next to my bed. Didn't do that today. Just cappuccino. I also used I believe Lipton raspberry tea in the past as something warm to drink. Helped as well. Just don't drink the milk. Lol.

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