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Excuse me for skipping the introduction I would like to get straight to the point. The most powerful cure for genital warts I have tried is a combination of banana peel and echinacea / goldenseal extract. In matter of a few days there were in-closed holes where the wart use to be around my shaft. This post is for men, but I'm sure it could be adapted for women as well.

What you do after you get out the shower is take a green banana, peel it, cut the strips the length of your penis, fill the echinacea / goldenseal extract dropper and drip it on the white inside of the peel.
Smooth over an even layer of the extract on the inside of the banana peel. Take the cut strips, place them around your penis and hold it in place gently.
This can be kind of tricky so have a strip of tender tape stretch bandage cut and ready.
With your free hand find a starting point to start wrapping it around your shaft to hold the banana strips in place.
Note: Make sure its firm but you don't have to choke it. The bandage should stretch and stick to itself but buy some medical tape paper or plastic to secure it in place anyway.
Go to bed or to work. Take it off in the morning or during your lunch break to let your man down there get some air after you leave it on for several hours.
Do this at least once to twice a day and you should notice significant improvements before the week is done.

Quick explanation on how it works; banana peels contain enzymes that don't like and dissolve warts specifically. The echinacea and goldenseal extract are a powerful antiviral and antibacterial combination that engulf microbial invaders and disinfect the mucus membrane part of your skin. But you can look up this information up on any search engine for further details and where to purchase.

Note: The banana peel can be combined with other agents to hold other medicates around the infected area just be careful what you use. I started off using ginger and garlic and singed the top layer of my skin off. I really recommend the echinacea and goldenseal combination but if you know of something else that might also be effective for the potential benefit of yourself and mankind go for it, but this works really well...

I'm a 27 yr old male who has struggled with genital warts for a couple years. Like everyone else I wanted to share my cure and hopefully help others. I have gotten laser surgery, had topical acids applied at clinics, froze them, put acv on my skin until it was raw and stung, tried samoxol, wartol, garlic, ginger, frankincense and myrrh, etc. etc. Some of the stuff on this list has worked in varied effect especially when the top layer of my skin is burned off, but just when you think you've got it up against the ropes it comes back in the same and/or different area. A large part of the fault is due to me masturbating with a latex glove on every now and again... I'm a human being.
But while other remedies fought the warts going round for round this combination really goes for the kill and I really recommend it to who ever is on sitting on sidelines with their girl or boyfriend or staying single all together cause they can't have sex in good conscience.

Note: Wheat grass and/or barley grass is not very... but extremely healthy for your body in general, and your mind for that matter. Doesn't have to be used with this cure but deserves to be looked up as well. I only recommend using it in combination with this cure if you grow it yourself or trust whoever you buy it from keeps there product and machines clean as a dirty produce could hinder progress. But used the right way with a drop of garlic and/or ginger (not too much to burn) it works great but the banana peel, and echinacea / goldenseal extract works wonders.

Good luck to you all and God Bless.....

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