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Plant your feet on the ground, twist your torso, (you might hear it crack) and it makes the pain stop for a while.
I am 10 and my friends and I do this sometimes.

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Just so you know. I've been doing that since a was in the 3rd grade. I'm in high school now and my back is always killing me. So I'm telling you now. STOP!!! it may feel better now but after time you're really just hurting yourself.


Hi im 11 and i have back pain my mom to its from sitting on my couch the wrong way on my nook and her computer so we might try this!:D


it will ruin your back I did it a lot when I was 10 and now im 16 and I have scoliosis from it and a stress fracture


There is at least one 'spinal twist type stretch' in basic (hatha) yoga, but it's meant to be done rather slowly and then 'held' while under moderate strain. And is usually done after a series of other 'loosening/warming up' stretches.

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