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I was devastated to learn I had HPV and had to have a cryo cause of the cancerous cells in my cervix. I thought I would be fine as it was only inside of me. Well a couple months ago, I started noticing pain with intercourse and only to find out that I have the warts around the opening of my vagina now and my labia. I started researching and seen the ACV treatment but havent tried it yet. But I had some packs of Aldara that were given to me. I did not research this as I just rubbed all over down there and inside my vagina for 2 nights in a row. Needless to say..I had burnt my skin and had sores that looked like herpes but wasnt. The sores got infected and I could not urinate without pain. I will never do that again but dont have insurance to have these warts removed from a doctor. I need more remedies to where I can do at home and not burn my skin. The bad part is...I have a horrible immune system.

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