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K, I have an abcess tooth that had swollen my sinus cavity. At first, I thought it was a cavity [I wasnt sure because thankfully & luckily I have never had one before to experience]. So I have been hurting for a good 2 months. I dont have insurance to go see a dentist so I had to go to the ER & I have spent many many MANNNNY sleepless nights googling home remedies. Nothing has worked by itself that I have found online. So I took a few ideas that few select have thrown out there & combined them.

This is my home remedy.....
WARNING... I have quite the process. :]

1- I start by brushing my teeth regularly. Gently over the sore spot.
2- I squish listerine [anti-septic] in my mouth for AT LEAST one minute.
3- I take a qtip & soak it in rubbing alcohol [horrible taste] but I clean my sore spot with the rubbing alcohol for as long as I can stand the taste. I try to do it at least 2 minutes. Keep dipping in alcohol if you need to.
4- I take some REDCROSS TOOTHACHE KIT liquid [even worse taste than the alcohol x10] & soak another qtip in it and apply to the soar spot for at least one minute. DO NOT LET IT TOUCH YOUR LIPS OR TONGUE; it burns SOOOO bad!
5- Then I take some clove oil and soak yet ANOTHER qtip [last one I promise] in it & apply to the sore spot for at least 2 minutes.
6- I rub icy-hot on my cheek [obviously the side where the sore tooth is].
7- Then I take 2 MIDOL & 3 IBUPROFEN.

It seems drastic & like alot of work & time.... BUT I PROMISE YOU IT WILL WORK! plus you will sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time.

& let me know if I have helped anyone of you that come across my entry.

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clove oil is very good for toothache if you tries once its work soon to rid off the pain and infection.

zarina hasan

salt is a best toothache home remedy gurgle twice a day with water and salt..


Midol had it... be careful not to take too much


I laughed so much that my tooth came back
but its ok, i needed to. many thanks.

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