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Create a solution of one part vinegar and four parts warm water. Soak the feet for half an hour twice daily.

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Apple cider vinegar all the way!!! I had athletes foot and toe nail fungus underneath my big toe. I applied ACV everyday and the fungus underneath my toe is completely gone.

I just had to add my two cents I have seen some really bizarre home remedies on this forum, but you're so right about Vinegar. Its cheap, all natural non-toxic and on the money!

I had athletes foot for close to 40 years. I got it as a teen camp counselor when I monitored kids from the poolside while barefoot. I just happen to read about the vinegar cure online which recommended soaking feet in a small amount of vinegar added to warm water.

Being the extremist that I am, I actually put some undiluted vinegar in a smallish spray bottle and THOROUGHLY sprayed my feet 2- 3 times daily. It was Summer and I was usually in flip flops or open sandals. It was quite cooling and the itching stopped immediately. I did this for about 3 weeks. But what I finally figured out, which only two of the 71 respondents on this forum kinda mentioned, is that : YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST TREAT YOUR SHOES AND HOSIERY TOO so that you don't re-contaminate your feet. Funny they don't tell you that on all those tubes of Dessenex, Tinactin and Lotrimin we've consumed over the years.

I got a bottle of vinegar and poured a little in the toe area of EVERY PAIR OF SHOES I OWN. I swished it around then thoroughly wiped the insides out heel to toe. I even put a few pairs in the sunlight to dry. Not only did the acidic vinegar kill the fungus but it also acted as a natural deodorizer so my shoes were all smelling 'springtime fresh' when they dried- not at all vinegary.

I am happy to say I am 8 months athletes foot free, I have NOT had one ferocious midnight itching episode since my treatment; and. my feet are actually starting to look attractive. I'm finally looking forward to being bare foot on a beach.

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