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Create a solution of one part vinegar and four parts warm water. Soak the feet for half an hour twice daily.

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Julie S.

It WORKS!!!! My case of athletes foot had gotten so bad that I couldn't comfortably wear shoes. I had blisters between all my toes, and a rash on the tops of my toes. I tried all the over the counter creams, powders, etc. I was at the point of having to go to the doctor, when I read about soaking the foot in a hot water/white vinegar solution, twice a day. Within 3 days, my foot had improved significantly. Within 5 days, the blisters were all but gone. My advice: soak your foot twice a day for 20 minutes or so in hot water/vinegar, dry your foot really well with paper towels and get between your toes super well (the skin is soft at this point and any dead dry skin should rub off pretty easily).... THEN, use an antifungal cream. Your foot is still soft and warm, the pores of your skin are open, and the cream is absorbed easily. After almost 2 months of trying everything else, this finally worked for me.

Jay Tee

MY case of athletes foot was really bad! so when I heard of this recipe I tried it and it has not worked. i have been doing this constantly for about 1 month and still its pretty bad.


In #1 it is obvious that the active agent in the cure is the ANTIFUNGAL cream DUH


My husband has had major foot problems for a couple of years. He's gone to the doctors and tried a large array of creams. The only thing that has help is soaking his feet in in ocean water at the beach. We live too far from the ocean to cure his feet. A friend told us about soaking in Apple Cider Vinegar came. We were a bit skeptical, but he has been soaking his feet and it helps a lot. I think that the first blogger has the right idea about applying the cream after soaking!! While the pores are open.


Before 'tough acting Tinactin' and other such tolnaftate products were ever developed..fungus afflictions had to be treated some way....vinegar was all the pioneers had


Yes it does work. Although it is bad idea to use an antifungle cream because it keeps the infected area wet which is not what you want. Instead put baking powder on your toes after soaking in vinger and water. Rinse off baking soda after 15 minutes and you be good to go.


I definitely agree that it works. I tried it and even with only one sitting in the solution it appears to be less irritated and is definitely NOT as itchy anymore.


This is the real deal. Been usin it for years. I like the baking soda idea to keep the area dry and clean~


Duh is right.
its the antifungal cream.
just water will soften the skin before you spread expensive cream on your feet.


wow, i can't believe how many people commented that the anti-fungal cream alone was responsible for the results. i guess none of them ever destroyed a sinus infection with only apple cider vinegar like i have. even the most superficial research on apple cider vinegar will reveal its various medicinal properties. i use it and vitamin c exclusively to fight colds in 2 days time. i highly recommend keeping a bottle int eh house at all times!

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