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Apply Oragel or any topical tooth pain reliever to numb the pain of an ingrown toenail.

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thanks so much for your advice, I walk alot and for weeks now was having terrible pain from ingrown toenail, could't take it any more decided to get a little help from the comp. well so glad i did I tried the tooth ache pain killer and for near two weeks now I still walk and every thing else free from all the pain, it certainly works I proved it, a great relief for me.


Had an ingrown toe nail few years ni comes and goes because I tend to cut the nail myself.. Currently very sore and also I'm a footballer which the ingrown toe nail and football dnt mix.. Wat this remedy and were do I get it?


can i get this remedy in uganda?and where?ive had 8 operations and am very tired of it.


Oragel works. Great. Then I can Ty up the nail. Thanks

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