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I know this may sound crazy but BORIC ACID really helps with BV. I struggled with BV for about 2 and a half years. My gyno actually recommended it to me the first time he diagnosed me but I was to worried about what it could do to me. After months of research I decided to try it. Now I feel free from BV :-). I haven't had the symptoms in months. Here is what I did:
Purchased gel caps and boric acid from amazon, I made my own suppository, placed in deep into the vagina (1 suppository at night or 2 if its a really bad infection) at night. Do this for two weeks and you should have relief forever!

Dont do it during your period
Wear a pad
Use them during the day if necessary
Research this before you try it

Hope this helps ladies!

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I also have issues with BV how much boric acid did you actually use and was it painful? Ive researched the chemical and nothing positive has come out of it reguarding human consumptions of the practices of it plz help!


My ob gave me a script to go to an apothecary shop and get a suppository made burns the crap out of me gonna just get good old antibiotic to help


I use boric acid pills all the time now for my issues with BV. I lived in Germany for a long time and that was what the doctor prescribed me there. I was really upset that they didn 'thane anything like that here that you could just but, they just want to stuff you fill of antibiotics, which is a bad idea for how often one can get BV. Anyhow, I have NEVER experienced any problems with it and it will take away the smell within 12-24 hours and if you use it every night for a few days I have found BV will go away all together. I have been getting it a lot recently and found that while the suppository boric acids help clean it out it doesn't help ward it off. SO I' looking for more dietary ways to maintain it since I would still like to be sexually active and I think thats whats really messing with it. I use a pussy oill (my nick name for them:) right after but I think I need to take a more wholes tic approach to get back on track. I'm not sure allowing a partner to get too close when you've just had boric acid in your vagina is a good idea, it is a form of poison. But i wanted to write to let women out there with this problem know that I have ha nothing but good experiences with boric acid and you shouldn't be afraid to use it. you'll have to make them yourself and make sure you are only putting it in you vagina but it has been amazing for me and is what doctors in Germany prescribe.


I have done the same thing but bought the boric acid in a pharmacy, made my own gelcaps and insert it vaginally at night. the infection/odor seems to start at end of periods, so that is when i do it for 2/3 nights... odor disappeared within a day.
It has not gone forever yet but It has only been two cycles... I'm hopeful!

baggy vagi-not cis


do NOTTT ingest boric acid ORALLY.


Ok are my thoughts. some of this is redundant. ALSO, i live in the US, access sexual health resources through Planned Parenthood, don't have a ton of expendable money and prefer to not rely on pharmaceuticals , especially when they are counterproductive.

I've been able to curb symptoms of BV (odor, discharge, discomfort) with boric acid vaginal suppositories. The gynecologist at Planned Parenthood wrote me a script for them but the pharmacy didn't have any/couldnt make any (because of crooked capitalist pharma) so I continue to make my own. This was after prescribing me metronidizol multiple times without much improvement.

Buy empty gel caps, or empty out something benign and safe like echinachea powder capsules and fill them with boric acid. I've never been super careful with measurements, but i fill the gel cap. Insert deep into the vagina at night. the gyno said to do this every night for a month, to avoid sexual intercourse so as to not introduce new bacteria. My research and common sense says that I'm wiping out all bacteria in my vagina, so I'm also taking probiotics and eating all the live fermented foods i can find to encourage beneficial growth, trying (and failing) to avoid sugar and gluten and I'm seriously considering quitting smoking specifically so my body can fight this BV better.

*feels relevant to mention that i've had a mild infection in my mouth and needed two root canals. After they did the first one, and treated the other temporarily, the infection in my mouth subsided AND SO DID MY BV!!! This leads me to draw links between oral health and vaginal health.

I keep reminding myself that MY BODY IS HUMAN and is susceptible to infection, and that its not a reflection on my character or morals. I try to destigmatize infections and illness daily and this is just another part of that. It does totallllllly suck (and stink) and it has been taking its toll on my veryyyy active sex life but only because of a deeply ingrained internalized narrative that has been fed to me (about being both ethically and physically dirty) and not because my partners are hung up on it.

what the hell kind of sex partners shame people for their human body? (answer: a ton, but not anyone I feel like giving access to my holes).

in conclusion:

I'm still in the war but I've won some battles.

Other things I do:

drink diluted braggs' apple cider with the mother.

i don't ever wash my junk out internally (no douching!!). and

i don't use any soap except dr. bronners unscented.

i take immune boosting tinctures and vitamins. also antibacterial herbs in tea or tincture form (google this).

ferment my own foods and trade with friends for a wider variety of pre and probiotic enzymes.

soooo who has advice abt quitting smoking?!

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