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I was extremely desperate as I found out I was infected with Hpv. I had 30-40 very big genital warts and the doctor said the only way out was a surgical intervention.
I was depressed and I didn't have the force to go through such an intervention although it was already decided with my gynecologist. I was also extremely afraid and without hope thinking of the pain,the scars (the warts were really big) and the danger of recurrence.
So I studied natural remedies.
After 6 months of natural treatment, from one day to the other, all warts were gone, leaving no trace or scar.
I will share with everybody the remedies I used as I really hope it will work for someone else too.
(the ACV didn't work at all for me)
Here is what I took:

Cat's Claw caps
Goldenseal caps
Echinaceea caps
Garlic caps
Noni fruit tee
Olive leaves tincture
Aloe vera caps
tuja extract

For the quantities please let yourself advised by a pharmacist and let them know your condition, I did so

I don't exactly know which of them was the most effective but it is certain that they worked in the moment I had lost all my hope.
I never really believed ( and the doctor also suggested me that it would be impossible) that such big warts could really be cured naturally and without trace, but it happened.

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That is so wonderful to read and that gives me so much more hope. So in all the natural remedies did you take these remedies orally or opened the capsules to use as a topical medicine on the warts.


Also how long did you have to take all those capsules to end up seeing the disappearing of the warts? I just want to know how many bottles to buy.


I took all the remedies orally as I realized at a certain point that I cannot control all the warts I had inside and anything I could have applied on them wouldn't have cleaned everything....My only hope was that somehow they would get cleared from the inside (some of my warts were rather big...)
I started with cat's claw and echinaceea for 3 moths. 50 days I took Tuja tree extract. Then I took golden seal, aloe vera for more or less 2 months. The last month, just when the warts disappeared, I was taking olive leaf caps.
The good thing is that all those remedies cannot harm your body, contrary they protect against a lot of other viruses.
I don't know ,as I said, which is the perfect way of taking them or which was the most efficient. But the result was rather surprising and unexpected. In a matter of days (maximum a week) there was no trace of warts after 6 months of terror.


Thanks for sharing.

Did you take Olive leaf tincture by mouth or topically? Or did you take capsules? You posted that you took each.


Did the warts fall or peel off? Or just shrink and disappear ? I have been taking a lot of the same supplements but no success I also have rather large warts I hope this will work for me.

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