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Three great remedies!

Dog swallowed a glass christmas ornament-

Soak cotton balls in milk or cream and feed them to the dog. Up to 7 for larger dogs and split them in half for smaller dogs. The cotton will wrap itself around the glass and it protects the intestinal tract to pass through!

Dog needs to lose weight-

Feed half the amount of regular food, supplement the other half with canned unsalted green beans. Just as filling but passes right through!

Cat is sick and won't eat -

Try ham flavored baby food. No kidding it works!

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A Pet Lover!

If your Dog swallows glass he needs to get to a Vet right away if you love you dog, this is no time for home remedies that may or may not work in his particular case.
As far a your cat not eating there are so many underlying causes for this! Baby food has ingredients such as salt and onion powder flavoring that are detrimental to cats. This kitty needs to see the Vet if you want it to live a long healthy and happy life.
You should never take your animal's lives for granted by treating them yourself. There are so many things that we don't know about our pets if we aren't Vets that it is downright dangerous and irresponsible trying to treat them yourself. Vets fees have become outrageous of late but Please call around and find a Vet who has reasonable fees to take them to, they are out there! They deserve the love of a caring owner after all the love they have given you!!


I take my animals to the vet all the time. but the cost is expensive and even if you find an affordable vet if your on a fixed income as I am its hard to pay the vet bills. so i look up home remedies for reading material and maybe find and save a few of them for later reference because i know a couple who absolutely wouldn't be able to afford any vet bill at all but they have a dog and a cat they love dearly so anything i can find to maybe help them save their animals I'm saving so stfu


As someone who spends a lot of time in a vet's office, I have seen several cases of cotton balls blocking an animals intestines. PLEASE do not try this. Ingesting glass is a SERIOUS issue that needs to be taken care of by a professional. I am all in favour of treating your animals at home or with natural remedies for many things, but when it involves a life or death situation which is highly time sensitive, a vet needs to be involved immediately.
As for the baby food, as an earlier commenter pointed out, the sodium and onion content is an issue. If your cat is not eating for more than a few days, there is probably an underlying issue which needs to be addressed. But, if you just want to get them to eat as a stop-gap measure, sodium-free chicken broth on their food is a healthier choice than baby food - particularly as one of the main causes of not eating in cats is renal failure, which is exacerbated by sodium.

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